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  • 167787_lead

    Táncos pár

    Photo of a dancing couple around 1925.

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    Szűts Miklós fiaival

    Miklós Szűts with his sons around 1938. Géza Szűts Szabó is the one with glasses (b: 10 May 1929) and Zoltán is on the right (b: 15 April 1928).

  • 186792_lead

    Női portré

    Szemeti Julianna

    Julianna Szemeti in gala dress in 1927.

  • 145907_lead

    Szabó Mária

    Mária Szabó (wife of Gyula Szenttamási, the baker of Csákvár) in white hat in 1930. She is wearing furred winter-coat.

  • 145467_lead

    Szabó Etelka portréja

    Portrait of Etelka Szabó around 1920.

  • 145465_lead

    Szabó Etelka

    Etelka Szabó in white dress and gloves around 1920.

  • 144869_lead

    Séta a parkban

    Young ladies and men are taking a walk in Zichy grove.

  • 164619_lead

    Férfi portré

    Kneifel Ferenc

    Portrait of Ferenc Kneifel around 1925.

  • 165427_lead

    Családi fotó

    Kneifel családi kép

    A Kneifel family tableau from around 1935.

  • 150395_lead

    Két hölgy a műteremben

    Photo of two young ladies in summer dresses around 1930-40. Notes: 'My mother Erzsébet Kajtár and her cousin Erzsébet Vései (Virág). My grand-mother had three siblings. One of them was Anna Virág. My grand-mother's other sister Katalin Virág (Mrs József Vései) adopted her daughter. Erzsébet Kajtár is the taller one in the photo.'

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