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  • Mátyás király aranyszőrű báránya

    Magyar népmesék VIII. sorozat Forgatókönyv és figuratervek

    Mátyás király aranyszőrű báránya

    Hungarian folk tales, series 8: King Matthias and the lamb with the golden fleece

    SYNOPSIS: The Prussian King was jealous of the lamb with a golden fleece of King Matthias and decided to obtain it by any means. They make a bet on whether the shepherd looking over the lamb, who is famous for always telling the truth, lies or not. The Prussian King, with the slyness of his daughter, and of course with some sacrifice, obtains the skin of the lamb with the golden fleece. The shepherd is sad, he is suffering and sinks deeper and deeper into the maze of lies – until finally ...

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    Magyar népmesék II. sorozat Forgatókönyv

    A rátóti csikótojás

    Hungarian folk tales, series 2: The colt-egg of Ratot

    SYNOPSIS: The field guard of Rátot finds a pumpkin. He never saw anything like that, and neither had the members of the village council. The council decides that this is a horse egg and the members of the council take turns in hatching the egg. After a futile period, they become tired of it, and push the egg down the hill. It rolls under a bush, breaks into pieces and disturbs a hare. The man of Rátót happily observe: the little foal is running away...

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    Magyar népmesék VIII. sorozat Forgatókönyv és figuratervek

    A selyemrét

    Hungarian folk tales, series 8: The silken meadow

    SYNOPSIS: The old Red King is very sad, because he can’t help his friend, the Green King, who lives on the silk meadow, and the wicked witch sends her army on him by the thousands to destroy him. However, he has a heroic and handsome son, who with the help of a wonder horse and a magic sword takes off to defeat the witch – and to save the silk meadow.

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    Leo és Fred Bevezető epizód Forgatókönyv és figuraterv

    Hogyan lehet megijeszteni egy oroszlánt?

    How can your frighten a Lion?

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    Magyar népmesék VII. sorozat Forgatókönyv

    Gyöngyvirág Palkó

    Hungarian folk tales, series 7: Paul the lily of the valley

    SYNOPSIS: The tale Prince Palkó - who remained such a dwarf like a dwarf - is a sad and happy story. With the help of the wonderful lily of the valley, he goes to Dwarf land, where he happily lives and has lots of children.

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    Magyar népmesék VI. sorozat Forgatókönyv és figuratervek

    A papucsszaggató királykisasszonyok

    Hungarian folk tales, series 6: The slipper tearing princesses

    SYNOPSIS: The old king is distraught, because his daughters tear their slippers at midnight every night, and he promises a great reward to anyone who would find out where his daughters are tearing these slippers apart. A shepherd boy solves the mystery. He watches the girts and even follows them to hell, where the girls’ slippers are torn, because they sing and dance with the devil ’til dawn. He collects proof and presents them to the king to solve the mystery and wins the heart of the youngest ...

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    Magyar népmesék VI. sorozat Forgatókönyv

    A kékfestőinas

    Hungarian folk tales, series 6: Dyer's apprentice

    SYNOPSIS: A penniless young boy dreams of marrying the king’s daughter, but he decides not to tell his dream to anyone, not even the king, until the dream comes true.

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    Magyar népmesék VI. sorozat Forgatókönyv

    Hetet egy csapásra

    Hungarian folk tales, series 6: Seven at one blow

    SYNOPSIS: A penniless furrier has done such a great deed (he smashed seven flies with a single strike) that he goes on an adventure and even outsmarts the devils.

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    Magyar népmesék IV. sorozat Forgatókönyv

    Az állatok beszéde

    Hungarian folk tales, series 4: The speech of animals

    SYNOPSIS: A shepherd boy saves the Snake King’s son from the death by fire and in his thankfulness the Snake King presents him. He has two choices: either he understands the speech of the animals or he gets a bag full of money. The boy is thinking it over. Both of the options would be good but he will not have the possibility to understand the speech of the animals another time. So he chooses this option.

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    Magyar népmesék III. sorozat

    A szorgalmas és a rest lány

    Hungarian folk tales, series 3: The diligent girl and the lazy girl

    SYNOPSIS: The stepmother sends the hard-working girl to serve somebody. After a year she returns home with gold, silver and other treasures. As the bad-hearted woman sees this she sends also her own daughter to serve somebody, but she is lazy therefore she returns home in thorn and bloodstained clothes.

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