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  • A hűség

    A hűség

    Picture of a golden-dressed woman decorated with white flowers and a wolf behind - serigraphy.

  • Öregek


    Multifigure picture of an old couple with an angel behind and a young woman at the bottom - serigraphy.

  • Férfiakt (285)

    Férfiakt (285)

    Picture of a naked woman - pressed coal.

  • Táncos (286)

    Táncos (286)

    Picture of a naked woman dancing - pressed coal.

  • Vázlat (287)

    Vázlat (287)

    Picture of drafts - Indian ink.

  • A nyár

    A nyár

    Portrait of a young woman and white flowers behind in front of black and golden background - serigraphy.

  • Szindbád, a hajós

    Szindbád, a hajós

    Picture of an old man with beard with a small tailor boat in the hand and a woman behind - serigraphy.

  • Gyermek a boncasztalon (284)

    Gyermek a boncasztalon (284)

    Picture of a child on the dissection table - pressed coal.

  • Tudós nő

    Tudós nő

    Picture of a woman with a helmet and another woman behind with the arms to the Sun - serigraphy.

  • Férfiakt (279)

    Férfiakt (279)

    Picture of a naked man - pressed coal.

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