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  • Zsákoló munkások

    Zsákoló munkások

    Picture of workers carrying sacks to the barge, yellowish-green, blue and purple - oil painting.

  • Ülő alak

    Ülő alak

    Picture of a man sitting in a green field - oil painting.

  • Akt oldalról

    Akt oldalról

    Picture of a naked woman sitting with brown hair and gray and blue background - oil painting.

  • lead700424

    The industrial state

  • Fürdő gyerekek

    Fürdő gyerekek

    Picture of three naked boys bathing at the creekside with four thick dark trunks, light-blue and white sky - oil painting.

  • Nagybányai gesztenyefák

    Nagybányai gesztenyefák

    Landscape of two chestnut trees of Nagybánya, one with yellowish foliage and the other with a green one, yellowish and red bushes, light sky and a white cloud - oil painting.

  • Bohóc


    Picture of a purple-dressed clown standing with four big red speckles and light-gray-purple-blue speckles, holding a drumstick in his right hand - oil painting.

  • Lovas


    Picture of a black-beared in dark-gray suit sitting on a dark-gray, white-spotted horse in green background - oil painting.

  • Önarckép vázlat

    Önarckép vázlat

    Portrait-draft of a man in right profile sitting in blue background with yellow-gray window-frames - oil painting.

  • lead700586

    The rationalisation of Hungarian public administration

    Publications of the Hungarian Institute of public administration ; 11.

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