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  • Rippl-Rónai Ödön képmása

    Rippl-Rónai Ödön képmása

    Portrait of Mr. Ödön Rippl-Rónai in light-green suit with blue artist-necktie in green background. Writings: "Sincerely to Mr. RónaI Tucics 1914".

  • Könyöklő nő

    Könyöklő nő

    Picture of a dark-haired woman painted in green, back and white colours with blue background - oil painting.

  • Harisnyát húzó nő

    Harisnyát húzó nő

    Picture of a yellow-dressed woman sitting in a yellow armchair arranging her stockings - oil painting.

  • Feketeharisnyás női akt

    Feketeharisnyás női akt

    Picture of a naked woman in black stockings - oil painting.

  • Sokác menyecske

    Sokác menyecske

    Šokac young woman in brown dress with brown face and black eyes, wearing black head-scarf - oil painting.

    Šokci (Serbo-Croatian Latin: Šokci / Шокци, Hungarian: Sokácok are a South Slavic ethnic group native to historical regions of Baranya, Bačka, Slavonia and Syrmia. These regions today span eastern Croatia, southeastern Hungary, and northern Serbia. They primarily self-identify as a subgroup of Croats, and therefore they are not considered a separate ethnicity in Croatia and elsewhere.

  • Ödön öcsém

    Ödön öcsém

    Portrait of my younger brother Ödön - oil painting.

  • Álló férfi akt

    Álló férfi akt

    Picture of a naked man standing in dark-green background - oil painting.

  • Dombvidék


    Landscape of dark-green bushes in the foreground and dark-green forest in the background, blueish-greenish-whiteish sky - pAstel.

  • Malom


    Landscape of a thick tree with grayish-oker walled building and small figures in front and a light-green and ocker stripe behind the tree - oil painting.

  • Vörösfalú ház

    Vörösfalú ház

    Landscape of a yellow house with red-walls, dark-blue sky - oil painting.

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