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  • 618545_lead

    Szőlőmosó üveg


    Grapes washing container. Its rim and handle is made of metal. Handpainted decoration: mythological scene with a man, a woman and two sheep. Flowery motifs are on the sides. From the legacy of Mrs. Dr. István Szondy (Lilike).

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    Letter-weight made of glass and silver. Its faceted sides are decorated with flowery engravings.

  • 598306_lead


    Spontoon from Kálmán Darnay's legacy. Kálmán Darnay's Museum had the richest collection of military relics in its era.

  • 577309_lead


    Sword from Darnay's weapon collection. Archaeologic finding from the 15th century.

  • 577042_lead

    Darnay Múzeum pecsétje

    Original authentical stamp of the Darnay Museum of Sümeg, from the 1900s.

  • 566643_lead

    Szegedy Róza tálalószekrénye

    Kisfaludy Sándor bútorai

    Vitrin + komód

    Róza Szegedy's sideboard consisting of two parts (an upper vitrine and a chest of drawers) from the 1800s. From Sándor Kisfaludy's legacy, collected by Kálmán Darnay.

  • 566153_lead

    Kisfaludy Sándor utazóládája

    Kisfaludy Sándor katona ládája

    Sándor Kisfaludy's wrought-iron trunk from the 1700s. From Sándor Kisfaludy's legacy, collected by Kálmán Darnay.

  • 564007_lead


    Parfume holder with little black boy made of metal, holding two glass vials.

  • Huszárszablya hüvelye

    Huszárszablya hüvelye

    1848-49-es szabadságharcban rendszeresített könnyűlovassági kard hüvelye, rajta 829 felirat, a fischer manufaktúrára utal.

  • Huszárszablya


    1848-49-es szabadságharcban rendszeresített könnyűlovassági kard; "fischer" felirattal.

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