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  • 198624_lead

    Női akt

    Nude of a woman in 1911.

  • lead_2012_10_31_IMG_0003

    Sóstó munkásmajális, 1905-ben

    Maying of workers in 1905. Ensign is Károly Pintér.

  • Operett gála

    Operett gála

    Aprónyomtatvány, röplap

  • 100642_lead

    Kocsmázók: Fekete József és Fekete Imre

    Black and white photo from around the 1880's. Two men drinking in a wine garden. József Fekete and Imre Fekete in a pub. Written text in the photo at the right: Székesfehérvár Fodor József. The owner's comment: "Restaurant owner József Fekete has never eaten in his restaurant as a consumer, thus it must have been in another pub, probably somewhere in the Upper Town." Handwritten text on the verso with a poem remembering József Fekete by his daughter from 1967."

  • 145467_lead

    Szabó Etelka portréja

    Portrait of Etelka Szabó around 1920.

  • lead_2011_08_09_IMG_0014

    Szakállas úr magyaros polgári ruhában

    Portrait of a man with beard, wearing Hungarian middle class clothes: vest with cord and boots, top hat and walking stick in his hand. Studio photo from around 1870. Schmidt V. Written on the back side of the photo: Photographer studio, Székesfehérvár, 110 Fazekas square. Handwritten text: This photo is a gift.

  • lead_2011_09_15_IMG_0000

    Katona, első világháborús viseletben

    Portrait of a soldier with moustache wearing military uniform from WWI. Studio photo from around 1915. Advertisements written on the back side of the photo, like: "Mr. Nemes, Pál photographer and painter atelier, Székesfehérvár, 5 Ligetsor. Outdoor shots and magnifications in all sizes, photos of childen and groups in a special way, reordering with all rights reserved. Outdoor shots even in cloudy weather can be taken."

  • 204852_lead

    Három úr, két hölgy

    Studio photo of three gentlemen and two ladies, around 1900.

  • lead_2011_08_05_IMG_0028

    Hölgy, elegáns polgári ruhában

    Full body photo of a lady in fancy middle class clothes from around 1870. Studio portrait. There can be seen the stamp of the photographer on the back side of the photo: "Pribék and Associates, Székesfehérvár, at the previous Pendl garden."

  • 77539_lead

    XXI. Debreceni Tavaszi Tárlat 2012.

    A Tavaszi Tárlat a megye hivatásos képzőművészeinek fóruma,amelyre a Magyar Alkotóművészek Országos Egyesülete, a Magyar Képző- és Iparművészek Szövetsége, valamint a Magyar Fotóművészek Szövetsége regisztrált tagjai kapnak meghívást. A rendezvénysorozat a XXI. Debreceni Tavaszi Tárlat katalógusa

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