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  • Jobbik lakossági fórum 2013 Debrecen

    Jobbik lakossági fórum

    The Movement for a Better Hungary's predecessor was founded in 1999 Community Right-wing Youth, founded by students, and aimed at the national-minded youth combined together. After the "failed" the 2002 parliamentary elections at the request of several well-known public figures (Mária Wittner, Gergely Pongratz, László Tóth Gy, Stephen Rider, Usztics Matthias), the Youth Community Right 2003rd October 24, the Movement for a Better Hungary name has evolved into a party. Their main purpose was to decomposition of the MIEP and pushed into the background to provide a real alternative to the radical right-wing voters.

  • DMK Honlap megújítás

    Felhívás a DMK honlapjának megújítására

    Debrecen - Debrecen Cultural Center invites applications for renewal of the institution's website. Please send your ideas to young people how they can express the diversity that is mediated by the seven community houses in DMK. The DMK staff work to the city's civic citizens - from toddlers to the elderly population - people of all ages can find the meaningful pursuits, community, artistic experience, creative joy. Students in the Cultural Center of Debrecen website ( learn about the activities of the institution can draw ideas for their work, the photo gallery bekukkanthatnak the current work there.

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    Nagyvárad c. filmbemutató és beszélgetés

    Oradea Varadinum Film Foundation at the invitation of the People's College Association and the Association of Bihar Népművelők of 2013. October 18, Debrecen , the Downtown Community House aired the documentary county with the western Transylvania window was . The one-hour film on the Paris Pece party , in Oradea and Bihor County location 57 guided the visitors. The film is unique in that no Oradea , Bihor going on , but still close to big cities , from Arad , Timişoara has been made recently a film that is in addition to the architectural heritage of the city to have a look around as well and they would present the most beautiful natural attractions . Was seen among the first Várad made ​​motion picture series from 1940 and you can not yet known angles to the center of Oradea aerial photographs . The authors, led by cinematographer - director Zoltan Villányi were selected for more than 90 hours out of recycled materials through the best four seasons Walking Ady city .

  • XXIII.Betlehemes találkozó

    XXIII. Nemzetközi Betlehemes Találkozó

    The advent of the families involved in preparing a "introversion of" the relatives spent an intimate period, on the other hand, this holiday is all about community programs, and the city is this "strange duality" efforts to serve the 2013th in December. The XXIII. International Nativity Community Meeting is an iconic experience in the Carpathian Basin. The nativity meeting will be held in Hungary since 1991 and since 2006 home to give him the civic city. Over the past 22 years, 183 municipalities participated in the event, which helped to live there, about 300 thousand people and strengthen the identity of the Hungarian traditions - he added Szőnyi Sándorné, the Cultural Center of Debrecen professional deputy director. Indicated that initiated the nativity meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage intellectual entry.

  • Ifjú Kézművesek Országos Kiállítás 2014

    Budapesten a X. OINKP anyaga

    Over the last year has been very successful in the Cultural Center of Debrecen Downtown Gallery in the tenth National Youth Folk Handicraft Contest prized creations. Part of the exhibition in January Zoltan Berettyóújfalu Nadányi Cultural Centre was visible. The whole matter is now in Budapest, the Hungarian Folk Art Museum is considered again.

  • Természetbarát hét 2014.

    Természetbarát Hét

    This year 51 has organized the Hajdu-Bihar County - Delhi Municipal Tourist Association and the Cultural Center of Debrecen February 9 to 16. between the Friends of Nature Week. During the one-week trekking boots and ball were admitted for nature lovers.

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    Kézműves játszóház Józsán 2014.

    The built-Willie Debrecen institutions, the Community Centre Józsai 2007th September 29 th have taken possession of 13 thousand inhabitants Józsai city's population. Considering its unique location in the country, since there is a shopping and service center. The complex - which provides for the operation of the DMK - the Józsai Community Center, branch libraries and local government sub-branch of the city library. Csuhézás, beading waited interested, perhaps bored children Józsai the Community House, January 2014. 01 14th.

  • Honvédtemető

    Honvédtemető 2013.08.17.

    Debrecen Military Cemetery and Mausoleum - as a historical monument - the venue of historical anniversaries of local and national relevance, wreath-laying ceremonies and tribute commemorations. 112 Hungarian soldiers (from the battles of 1948), 634 Russian soldiers and the Hungarian and German soldiers, who died during World War I and II in the area, rest in peace under the trees of the Military Cemetery. A total of 4,500 of them sleep their eternal dreams here.

  • Aventi Családi Délelőtt

    Plakát - Adventi Családi Délelőtt a Tímárházban 2010

    Adventi műsorral várták 2010. december 11-én a Wesselényi lakótelepen élő családokat a Tímárházban.

  • DMK Belvárosi Közösségi Ház 2013 művészi felvételek

    DMK Belvárosi Közösségi Ház művészi felvételei 2013-ból

    Operates in one of the finest buildings in the town center since 2005, the Cultural Center of Debrecen Downtown Community Hall and the administrative center of the institution. The former site of 100 houses in Rádl and Kovacs years, 1911-12, in Kossuth Street's corner built the three-story complex on First Savings Bank of Debrecen, jr. Based on Kalman mature Rimanóczy Oradea architect Art Nouveau style. After 1949, the savings banks were nationalized, and then discontinued. Appropriate public education since 1950 engaged in state and local government institutions operate. Weekly regularly keeps in ten large community occupations. Perhaps the most striking building is surrounded by brass relief, which was a famous and Adam Teichner Berlin company, Heinicke. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Second World War, but was reconstructed on the basis of archive images, so you can admire today. The facade decorative moldings and sculptures by Alexander Somogyi, who has a number of public art works shown in Debrecen. The internal pottery work made ​​by the Zsolnay factory.

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