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  • Táj kecskével

    Táj kecskével

    Landscape with a black goat - pastel.

  • Szentendrei részlet

    Szentendrei részlet

    Picture of a cart with one horse and yellow-blue houses and a small house on the hill - pastel.

  • Nyárfa


    Postcard of a street façade, bluish-white circular walls, stone fence, and poplar with huge green foliage. Light blue, pinkish cloudy sky - watercolour painting.

  • Önarckép


    Self-portrait of the painter - chalk drawing.

  • Munkások


    Picture of a multiperson landscape with three workers - pencil drawing.

  • Kaposvölgye


    Picture of field, horses, a tall tree on the right, trees, bushes and hills in the background - chalk drawing.

  • Genova


    Picture of huge masted ships in the port of Genova, barrels in the foreground, buildings on the right, railway wagons, crane - copper etching.

  • Firenze


    Picture of a fisherman in a boat at the river Arno with the goldsmith bridge in the background - copper etching.

  • Halászbástya


    Picture of two shapes coming down on the stairs: a woman and a man with sunshade, with two other figures behind them. The Fisherman's Bastion in the middle and the Matthias Church on the right - linocut.

  • Női akt. Tanulmány

    Női akt. Tanulmány

    Picture of a naked woman from the back - sepia painting.

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