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  • lead_empeharom_audio_2

    Beszélgetés Kárász Eszterrel

    A Kapolcsi Kulturális és Természetvédelmi Egylet dokumentum-gyűjteménye

    A radio broadcasting interview recording with Eszter Kárász, who is a hungarian performer artist. (In Hungarian)

    The members of the Cultural and Nature Conservation association of Kapolcs have been collecting the articles and other materials related to the cultural events of Hungary. Their material has grown by now a collection consisting of thousands of documents. Most of them are about the Valley of Arts Festival, but there are articles, interviews, documents and records of radio and TV broadcastings connected to other festivals or cultural events as well.

  • Klubrádió kabaré

    Klubrádió kabaré

    Aprónyomtatvány, röplap