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  • 268436_lead

    Feleségem pálmaházban

    Picture of a red-haired young woman in a pearly dress with palm-leaves in the background - oil painting.

  • Mendlik Oszkár és neje a tengerparton

    Mendlik Oszkár és neje a tengerparton

    Picture of Mr. Oszkár Mendlik and wife at the seaside - oil painting.

  • Kossuth-szakállas paraszt

    Kossuth-szakállas paraszt

    Portrait of a peasant with Kossuth-beard - oil painting.

  • Virágzó kaktuszok

    Virágzó kaktuszok

    Still life of a cactus with rich flowers in a brown pot - oil painting.

  • Cigányok a hídon

    Cigányok a hídon

    Multifigured composition of two gypsy women in yellow shirts and blue aprons with sacks on their bag - oil painting.

  • Balaton


    Portrait of a woman in profile with brown hair in red blouse - oil painting.

  • Zöldturbános nő

    Zöldturbános nő

    Portrait of a red-haired, blue-eyed young woman wearing a green turban - pastel.

  • Taormina


    Landscape of Eastern style yellow buildings with cupolas and green bushes in the front, with the deep-blue sky in Taormina - oil painting.

  • Temető télen

    Temető télen

    Landscape of a snowy hillside with grave crosses and dry branches of bushes - oil painting.

  • Túri részlet

    Túri részlet

    Landscape of red-roofed village houses in Somogytúr from above - oil painting.

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