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  • Őszi táj

    Őszi táj

    Picture of an autumn landscape with an old woman standing between two leafless trees - oil painting.

  • 268447_lead

    Nemes Marcell

    Portrait of Mr. Marcell Nemes in the red background - oil painting.

  • Ödön öcsém

    Ödön öcsém

    Portrait of my younger brother Ödön - oil painting.

  • Hármas akt

    Hármas akt

    Picture of three naked women on green grass - pastel.

  • Csónakok


    Picture of a painter and a woman in loose skirt and dark-brown boats in the background - oil painting.

  • Drávai tegzes

    Drávai tegzes

    Platyphilax frauenfeldi

    Platyphilax frauenfeldi lives in river Drava and in its tributaries. Endangered and protected species.

  • 9785


    Doll in folk costume of the Drava region. Purchased by I. I. Kovács.

  • Najas minor All.

    Najas minor All.

    Najas minor or brittle naiad or brittle waternymph from the slob-land of river Drava.

  • Potamogeton natans L.

    Potamogeton natans L.

    Potamogeton natans or broad-leaved pondweed, floating pondweed or floating-leaf pondweed from river Drava.

  • 3222-3

    Rongybaba "horvát menyecske"

    Ragdoll "Croatian girl" made by children. It was a gift from pupils. Collected by Ferenc Gönczi.

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