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    Jó estét Kertváros! magazinműsor


    Kertvárosi Híradó: Friderikusz Sándor vendége: Antal Imre, humorista

    The weekly TV program took 120 minutes and introduced current public events within the frames of studio interviews or field interviews. Interviews are generally 8-10 minutes long. Current topics: Interview about the hairdressers' cooperative transformation, photo exhibition of students from Pécs, the concert of Smokie Band, and Sándor Friderikusz's conversation within the topic of public events. The main topic of the program: Sándor Friderukusz's interview with humourist Imre Antal.

    The first experimental broadcast of the cable television of Pécs was on 2nd of April, 1979. With the assistance of MTV Pécs District Studio and the Real Estate Manager Company the first public cable network broadcast was created with the title of "Cable Television Experiment" and it was transmitted through the antenna centre of the seventeen-storey building of Uránváros. The authorization of The Cabinet Information Bureau allowed the foundation of Lvov- Garden City Community Television. Moreover on 25th November, 1985 the first broadcast after the revival was on screen. Professional colleagues of the television were: Ágnes Katona, Zoltán Kiss, Kálmán Molvay, Tibor Nagy and Gábor Pap. Their work was assisted by several part-time employees and indentured labourers. The program was on screen on Mondays in 17000 households in the June of 1986.