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  • Lead_2020.081.1.P

    Krisztus feltámadása

    Copperplate engraving depicting the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Lead_2015.673.1.P

    Temesvár látképe

    Copperplate engraving showing the panorama of Temesvár. German inscriptions.

  • Lead_2020.072.3.P

    Baylon Szent Paszkál

    Copperplate engraving depicting Saint Paschal Baylon, saint of the monstrance. Illustration from a book on the saints' lives. He is worshipping the Eucharist, while there are several religious symbols around him.

  • Lead_2020.072.2.P

    Nursiai Szent Benedek

    Copperplate engraving showing Benedict of Nursia. Illustration from a book on saints' lives. He is holding a shepherd's crook, opening his arms and looking up to the sky, where God is throning behind the Sun, and Jesus is holding a cross, and the Holy Spirit is floating above them.

  • Lead_2020.072.1.P

    Aquinói Szent Tamás

    Copperplate engraving depicting Thomas Aquinas standing by a table, holding a stylus and turning the pages of a book on the table. The dove of the Holy Spirit appears next to his head. Outside the window, Jesus and the Virgin Mary also appear among clouds. German inscription under the picture. Illustration from a book on saints' lives.

  • Lead_2020.071.1.P

    A bécsi Stephansdom máriapócsi kegyképének metszetmásolata

    Copperplate engraving depicting the icon of the Stephansdom of Vienna, which was originally in Máriapócs, where it teared for 18 days in 1696. King Leopold I ordered to bring it to Vienna, where it did not tear anymore. The Child Jesus is sitting on Mary's left arm, he is holding a book and blessing with his right hand.

  • Lead_2020.069.1.P

    Szűz Mária mennybevétele

    Copperplate engraving depicting the assumption of Mary. She is surrounded with 12 stars, the moon is under her feet, she is praying and looking up to God who is receiving her with open arms.

  • Lead_2020.068.1.P

    Szent Anna harmadmagával (Mettercia)

    Copperplate engraving depicting Saint Anne with her daughter the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. Jesus is reaching out to Saint Anne. The dove of the Holy Spirit is above them in glory, while God is above the clouds looking down to them.

  • Lead_2020.066.1.P

    Imalap a máriavölgyi kegytemplom főoltárának képével

    Copperplate engraving showing the high altar of the church of Máriavölgy. It was made by Pauline monk Imre Esterházy's plans in 1736.

  • Lead_2020.063.1.P

    A Kármelhegyi Boldogasszony mint a purgatóriumban szenvedő lelkek menedéke

    Copperplate engraving printed on yellow silk, depicting Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel as shelter of the souls suffering in Purgatory. Mary is holding a scapulary.

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