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  • Italozás

    Italozás társaságban

    Photo of four men (3 of them wearing aprons), raising glasses, sitting in wicker chairs at a table with two bottles of white and red wines, in bottles characteristic of the age. The owner remembers of the place: "either the Csillag Inn or the tavern of Fekete Dugó, József". Inscription on the verso: Sréter and Bartos, photographer studio, Székesfehérvár, in a Schmidt kind of house, opposite the Bishop's Palace.

  • lead_2013_01_16_IMG_0004

    Családi fotó

    An unknown family from Székesfehérvár around 1890.

  • lead2011_08_04_IMG_0000

    Fiatal hölgy zsinórozott polgári ruhában

    Young lady in middle class clothes with cording, in 1890. Written on the back side of the photo: ".. Rembrandt Photograph Office Székesfehérvár 3 Kórház utcza. Kind of Schmidt house. Branch Office in Siófok"

  • 53_100_1_butelia


    Green glazed terracotta spirit bottle without decorations.

  • 201104_lead

    Fiatal férfi portréja

    Studio photo of a young man in tail-coat around 1890.

  • F_74_306

    Fortuna bazár

    Fortuna bazár kirakata látható. Zoknik, ruhaneműk, ajándéktárgyak láthatóak a kirakatban.

  • 142060_lead

    Két kisgyermek

    Two children from the 1890's from the legacy of Mrs. Imre Zákányi b. Etelka Weisz. Manuscript on the verso: 'Manczi, Tercsi'.

  • Esküvői fotó

    Esküvői fotó

    Young couple’s studio photo from around 1890s. Comments on the photo: Vihart relatives. Written on the cardboard below: From the atelier of: "Mr. Pete, Gyula. Székesfehérvár, 29 Várkör út. Advertisements on the verso: “Mr. Pete Gyula phtographer Székes-Fehérvár 29 Vár kör út (next to the Israelite temple on the Canal’s shore. Reordering even after many years on a reasonable price. Shots taken even on cloudy days. Enlargement of photos to life-size can be done."

  • 143240_lead


    Portrait of a lady with a bun from around 1895.

  • 190982_lead

    Családi fotó

    Copfos leány

    Photo of a girl with a pony-tail around 1890.

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