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  • lead_2012_10_31_IMG_0003

    Sóstó munkásmajális, 1905-ben

    Maying of workers in 1905. Ensign is Károly Pintér.

  • 204852_lead

    Három úr, két hölgy

    Studio photo of three gentlemen and two ladies, around 1900.

  • 193017_lead

    Bajuszos katona, feleségével

    Photo of a middle-aged couple in 1910. A soldier in military uniform and his wife in middle-class dress and decorated hat.

  • 144884_lead

    Id. Smohay Ferenc

    Ferenc Smohay as a teenager (about 13 year-old) in 1910.

  • 178576_lead

    Női portré

    Hölgy esernyővel

    A studio photo of a lady in secession dress with hat and umbrella from 1905.

  • 155142_lead

    Női portré

    Horváth Janka

    Photo of a lady in middle-class wear in 1900.

  • 204851_lead

    Hölgy virágos kalapban

    Studio photo of a lady in flowery hat, around 1900.

  • 205538_lead

    Fiatal pár

    Studio photo of a young couple, around 1900.

  • 102410_lead

    Férfi portré

    Coloured half body photo of a man wearing middle class attire from around 1900. The photo must be an outdoor shot based upon the background. In the verso: "Rembrandt Photograph Office, Székesfehérvár, 9 Kossuth utcza."

  • 188651_lead

    Női portré

    Albrecht Mária

    Photo of Mária Albrecht (Anna Szalontai's grandmother) around 1900.

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