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  • Aggteleki Cseppkőbarlang

    Aggteleki Cseppkőbarlang



    Postcard representing the Baradla Cave was published using dr. Kessler Hubert's photograph. The picture shows the Waterfall. The postcard belongs to the collection of Dr. László Lénárt.

  • 572114_lead

    Állami Darnay Múzeum

    The State Darnay Museum in the beginning of the 20th century.

  • 567117_lead

    Az Állami Darnay Múzeum I.

    Őskori Terem

    Description of the State Darnay Museum's prehistoric room. It contains relics from the excavations in Szalacska, Somlyó, Csabrendek, Badacsony, Dombóvár, Galambok, Kaposmérő, Velemszentvid and Maroscsapó. Four showcases hold the Roman findings. The last showcase holds Hun, Avar and Visigoth relics.

  • 567092_lead

    Az Állami Darnay Múzeum II.

    Hadtörténeti Terem

    Description of the State Darnay Museum's military historical room. It contains a very rich collection that introduces the thousand-year-old Hungarian military development from the land conquest age to Lajos Kossuth's age and relics from the independence wars of 1948-49 and of Ferenc Rákóczi. There is also two showcases with Hungarian and Transylvanian coin collections from Saint Stephen to Franz Joseph I.

  • 567080_lead

    Az Állami Darnay Múzem Kiállításai III.

    Kisfaludy Terem

    Description of the State Darnay Museum's Kisfaludy room. The room contains relics from poet Sándor Kisfaludy. Manuscripts, correnspondence with Ferenc Kazinczy, György Festetics, speeches, comedies, paintings, documents. Home utensils, personal articles, miniature collection. You can also find here relics of his first and second wives Róza Szegedy and Amália Vajda.

  • 567042_lead

    Az Állami Darnay Múzeum Kiállításai V.

    Iparművészeti Terem

    Exhibitions of the State Darnay Museum. 5th room of applied arts. Valuable religious objects from the age of Ferenc Rákóczi II. Porcelain services from famous manufactures. Rococo objects from Maria Theresa's age.

  • 566948_lead

    Darnay Kálmán íróasztalánál

    fotó Darnay Kálmánról

    Photo of archaeologist and museologist Kálmán Darnay, sitting in an armchair at his desk in his study. From the beginning of the 1900s.

  • 566945_lead

    Darnay Kálmán Múzeum (részlet)

    Hadtörténeti termében kiállított fegyverek (fotó)

    Photo of the military historical collection of the Darnay Kálmán Museum at the beginning of the 1900s.

  • 566905_lead

    Darnay Kálmán Múzeum (részlet)

    múzeumterem fotó

    Photo of the pottery collection of the Darnay Kálmán Museum at the beginning of the 1900s.

  • 5666865_lead

    Darnay Kálmán Múzeum, részlet

    Múzeumterem fotója

    Armoury of the Darnay Museum, photo from the beginning of the 1900s. Different weapons from the 19th century.

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