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  • Tűzzománc kiállítás

    Tűzzománc kiállítás 2013.

    The "Compass" Enamel Study Group is active in more than three decades, the DMK New Garden Community Church. Four years ago, joined the "Palmetta" Goldsmith Enamel Study Group. During this period, hundreds of children met the enamel decoration ruses, lived creativity and self-expression of this tool. The professional tricks of the members Bobonkáné Papp round leader Antonia acquire.

  • lead_104194

    Címeres, ezüst pecsétnyomó

    Az ezüst pecsétnyomó, fanyele esztergályozott, a címerek fölött egy hétágú korona látható.

  • 673919_lead

    Borsos Imréné Illés Erzsébet gyászjelentése

  • lead_mbb

    Debreceni képeslap (műsorrészlet)

    Mátrai-Betegh Béla hagyatéka

    A publicism of the Hungarian journalist, dramaturgist, director and theatrical critic Béla Mátrai-Betegh (Budapest, 3 April 1914 – Budapest, 15 May 1981)

  • Weörös Újkert

    Weöres Újkert 2013.

    11/13/2013 on New Garden Community Centre singing, playing music, verse say for preschoolers are invited to day of the Hungarian language. Alexander Weöres poems set to music more colorful program to the delight of the participants.

  • Itt van az ősz

    Itt van az ősz 2012

    Although summer is already behind us, autumn is many programs in store. You should definitely take advantage of the last nice days, as in the time of harvest, along with a good wine and great music and sweet delights are the focus.

  • Családi délelőtt

    Családi délelőtt 2013.

    To be held at the family reunion day of lectures and interactive playhouse craft welcomed the participants.

  • Medgyessy kör kiállítása 2010.

    Medgyessy Ferenc Képzőművészeti Kör kiállítása 2010.

    "A boldogsághoz minden nap csak egy vonalat kell húzni"

    Portraits, still lifes and landscapes. The Medgyessy Ferenc Academy of Fine Arts Circle season finale show of 20 artists displayed 85 works. The unbroken circle in 60 years Medgyessy designed to artistic values ​​and unique approach opens the exhibition közvetítsen.A-round leader Gábor Lukács artist, a college professor. Performers of the Ady High School drama-time students. The Medgyessy Francis Circle and the Free School of Fine Arts in 1947, started its operation in the name of Ferenc Medgyessy 1967th February 7 th pick up. Gábor Lukács painter's work led to the amateur group since 1991.

  • Szarka Emma kiállítása 2012.

    Szarka Emma kiállítása 2012.

    Landscapes, moods, visions, memories. Magpie She traveled the country, and the pictures will show you what makes it so wonderful in the Hungarian countryside and travel.

  • festőtanoda evadzáró kiállítása 2012.

    Festőtanoda Képzőművészeti Szakkör évadzáró kiállítása 2012.

    Since the operation of the Circle of Fine Arts in Painting Training School for many years the Cultural Center of Debrecen New Garden Community Hall hosts. In this case - the middle of May - a tradition that the crops provide year-round art and made ​​available to the general public in the form of a selection of exhibitions. Joseph Tarnóczi artist management - over the years - the members of the study group are introduced to drawing and painting the mysteries of study drawings, still life produced, processed properly but study the works of the great masters.

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