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  • HRJ MG 79.40

    Junkers típusú stabilmotor

    Felirat: Junkers (Németország) Vízszivattyú meghajtására használták. Álló egyhengeres nyersolaj motor.

  • 390060_lead

    Leonard Müller elektromos vetítő

    Projector from the 1910s, made by German toy manufacturer Leonard Müller in Nuremberg. The device is equipped with film reels and in the chimney it has an electric socket for a bulb, which is accessible by opening the cover.

  • 2009_1541_1

    Kalapos női arckép

    Germany, postcard, paintings, hat, woman, , portrait, colored ,portrait bust ,portrait mode

  • 390039_lead

    Leonard Müller vetítő

    Projector from the 1910s, made by German toy manufacturer Leonard Müller in Nuremberg. It can project glass slides, which were popular at that time.

  • 275537_lead

    Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft (ICA) Laterna Magica

    German universal projector from the 1910s, made by Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft (ICA) company in Dresden. ICA co-operation consisted of four companies (Hüttig AG, Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener, Emil Wünsche AG, Carl Zeiss Jena–Palmos Camerabau) and they fused into the well-known Zeiss Ikon company in 1926.

  • 285195_lead

    Ernst Plank vetítő

    Projector made in Nuremberg, Germany by the Ernst Plank company in the 1900s. It worked with two types of moving mechanisms: the so called "Maltese cross system intermittent" and spring drive connection. It had exchangeable objective holder for films or (glass) slides.


    Zeiss Ikon Consul vetítő

    Projector made in Jena, Germany, by Zeiss company, belongs to "Ikon" product line, called "Consul", which was in Hungary sold by Hafa (Hatschek and Farkas) company. It has triple condenser and a concave mirror, works with 250 W bulb. The device shows a 2-metre diameter image from 12 metres. Cord and slide frame are included.

  • Német diavetítő 01

    Német diavetítő

    Slide-projector with Rodenstock Trinar Anastigmat objective, made in Germany in the 1940s by unknown manufacturer. The device could show 5x5 cm framed leica slide pictures. It worked with transformerless bulb, which could be switched on on its side.

  • Müller & Wetzig Mag-Pro Junior diavetítő

    Müller & Wetzig Mag-Pro Junior diavetítő

    Mag-Pro Junior slide-projector made in Dresden, Germany in the 1920s by Müller & Wetzig company.

  • E. Leitz Wetzlar diavetítő

    E. Leitz Wetzlar diavetítő

    Slide-projector made in Germany in the 1920s. The height-adjustable device could show leica slide films and it worked with 30 V, 100 W bulb.

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