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    Kossuth Lajos tér

    Kossuth Lajos Square of Pécs in 1979.

    The Local History Collection of Csorba Győző Library has been collecting photos and postcards related to Baranya County since January 1966. According to the data updated on 1st February 2016, the collection consists of 11,565 copies. As the result of the digitisation project that started in 2012, the Collection includes about 59,000 black-and-white and coloured records of different sizes and types, which are searchable through the electronic catalogue. The famous postcard collector Tibor Endre Tóth has procured a postcard-collection of 6,000 items during the past fifty years. In January 2017, he offered the analogue-format collection – with Pécs contents in 98 percent – to the Local History Collection of Csorba Győző Library for digitisation within the frame of the city historical research program Pécs.