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    Serényi Bélát ábrázoló fotó

    Count Béla Serényi receives the king at the international jubilee horticultural exhibition in Budapest on 5 May 1910.

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    Magyar Uriasszonyok Lapja V. évfolyam. 31. szám

    Journal of Hungarian Mistresses No. 31 of Volume 5. Budapest, 1 November 1928. Fiction, social, and household journal. Published three times a month. Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Béla Kertész.

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    Kalazantinus tudósitó V. évfolyam 7. szám

    Kalazantinus correspondent volume 5, November 1936, No. 7. Social inspection of the society. Published once a month. Contains pages numbered 100-114. Published by the Kalazatius Congregation, Budapest.

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    Kalazantinus tudósitó VI. évf. 11. szám

    Kalazantinus correspondent volume 6, November 1937, No. 11. Social inspection of the sociaty. Published once a month. Contains pages numbered 146-160.

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    Divatszalon XXII. évfolyam. 20. füzet

    Fashion salon (Hungarian bazaar, new fashion). Journal of Fashion and Fiction. Volume 22. Booklet 20. Appears on the 1st and 15th of each month. Attachments: Tailoring sheets, fiction, and new children's fashion.

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    Te vagy álmaimnak... című magyar nóta szövege és kottája

    You are for my dreams ... Hungarian art-folk song with the text of Mr. Sándor Egri and with the music of Mr. Ferenc Bekes jun. The song is warmly recommended by the authors to artist Mr. László Lontay Rajner. Documents of Mr. László Lontay Rajner.

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    Meghívó vidám magyar műsoros estre

    Invitation to the cheerful Hungarian program evening of the Innercity Catholic Mistresses and Girls Circle on Saturday, 22 February 1941, at 8 pm. Documents of Mr. László Lontay Rajner.

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    Meghívó a Nemzeti Munkaközpont rendezvényeire

    Invitation to a folk culture performance and Hungarian artist evening organized by the National Labor Centre on 23 March 1941. Documents of Mr. László Lontay Rajner.

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    aranyosi Csejthey Lily és István Magyar Nóta és dalestje

    A poster for the Hungarian art-folk song and song evening of Ms. Lily and Mr. István Csejthey Aranyosi on Sunday afternoon, 30 September 1945, at 4.30 pm. in the Great Hall of the College of Music. Documents of Mr. László Lontay Rajner.

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    Meghívó szüreti mulatságra

    Invitation of the Hungarian Workers' Party 9th district organization to the harvest party on Saturday, 23 October 1948, at 8 pm. Documents of Mr. László Lontay Rajner.

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