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  • lead_DSC_0077

    Pozsonyi csata

    Picture of the Pozsony Beattle - tempera.

  • Berzsenyi Dániel mellszobra

    Berzsenyi Dániel mellszobra

    Bust of Hungarian poet Dániel Berzsenyi (Hetye, 7 May 1776 – Nikla, 24 February 1836 - limestone.

  • Szalmakazlak lóval

    Szalmakazlak lóval

    Picture of a gray horse in front of the blue-yellow-brown straw stack held by two men, dark sky - oil painting.

  • Csendélet macskával

    Csendélet macskával

    Still life of a red jar with grapes on the table in front of the blue window, a cat in the window - oil painting.

  • Tengerparton


    Multifigured composition of a white-dressed woman in straw-hat sitting at the rocky seaside, a red-dressed girl sitting next to her, another red-dressed girl standing in front of her - oil painting.

  • Tengerpart


    Landscape of the greenish-blue seaside with steep cliffs, dark-gray house on the side, deep-blue sea and cloudy sky - oil painting.

  • Nő kertben

    Nő kertben

    Picture of a woman in yellow flowery hat standing in front of a blueish house, poplar in the background. Signed: Vaszary J. 1910.

  • Párizs ítélete

    Párizs ítélete

    Picture of The Judgement of Paris with naked women and a naked man with trees, a lake and the blueish sky in the background - oil painting.

  • A művész testvérhúga

    A művész testvérhúga

    Picture of the younger sister of the Painter Artist under large trees, wearing a flowery long dress - oil painting.

  • Ülő nő

    Ülő nő

    Picture of a white-dressed woman sitting in front of a brown opened cabinet - oil painting.

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