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  • Falusi lányok

    Falusi lányok

    Multifigured composition of a group of village girls - copper etching.

  • Kikötő


    Picture of a harbour - watercolour painting.

  • Kamraajtó


    Picture of a chamber door - oil painting.

  • Galambok


    Picture of pigeons on the opposite building - tempera.

  • Mosakodó lány

    Mosakodó lány

    Picture of a girl washing - oil painting.

  • Gyűjtemény


    Picture of Collection - oil painting.

  • Vörös féreg

    Vörös féreg

    Picture of a Red Worm on black, green and blue surface - mixed technique.

  • Templombamenők


    Multifigured composition of people going to the village church - pastel.

  • lead_86219


    Picture of leftovers - mixed technique.

  • Egységben az erő

    Egységben az erő

    Picture of street stones packed in newspapers with red printing - serigraphy.

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