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  • Tájkép (365) Domain

    Tájkép (365) Domain

    Landscape of a low woodhouse and trees around - oil painting.

  • Mimi


    Portrait of a woman in left profile - charcoal drawing.l

  • Kommunisták kivégzése Szekszárdon 1919

    Kommunisták kivégzése Szekszárdon 1919

    Picture of executions - oil painting and chalk.

  • Cendélet


    Still life of red and yellow roses in a vase on the blue tablecloth - oil painting.

  • Önarckép


    Selfportrait of a blue-coated man with a blue hat and a brush in his left hand, signed 'Bernáth 1915' - oil painting.

  • Patakvölgy


    Picture of abstract composition with decorative spots painted in brown - oil painting.

  • Tavaszünnep


    Multifigured composition of couples dancing under a thick tree in the yellow, light-ocker toned picture - oil painting.

  • Népdal


    Multifigured composition of a lyric image with a female figure and forms - oil painting.

  • Tanyaudvar (Tyúketetés)

    Tanyaudvar (Tyúketetés)

    Picture of a farmyard and a woman feeding hens, trees around the house - oil painting.

  • Éjjeli mulató

    Éjjeli mulató

    Multifigured composition of dancing, hugging people and three musicians, signed 'Bernáth' - oil painting.

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