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    Tableau of first communicant girls in second form in 1928.

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    Id. Smohay Ferenc

    Ferenc Smohay as a teenager (about 13 year-old) in 1910.

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    Strandoló gyerekek

    Bathing children at Bory Jenő's statue on the edge of the children's pool around 1935.

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    Család a strandon

    Family photo on the beach around 1940.

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    A strandon

    Family photo on the beach around 1940.

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    Táncos pár

    Photo of a dancing couple around 1925.

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    Szűts Miklós fiaival

    Miklós Szűts with his sons around 1938. Géza Szűts Szabó is the one with glasses (b: 10 May 1929) and Zoltán is on the right (b: 15 April 1928).

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    Női portré

    Szemeti Julianna

    Julianna Szemeti in gala dress in 1927.

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    Szabó Mária

    Mária Szabó (wife of Gyula Szenttamási, the baker of Csákvár) in white hat in 1930. She is wearing furred winter-coat.

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    Szabó Etelka portréja

    Portrait of Etelka Szabó around 1920.

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