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  • lead_moliere01

    Les Femmes Savantes

    Les Femmes savantes (The Learned Ladies) is a comedy by Molière in five acts, written in verse. A satire on academic pretension, female education, and préciosité (French for preciousness), it was one of his most popular comedies. It premiered at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal on 11 March 1672.

  • lead_IMG_0789_768x1024_c

    A Hely: Ózd, Kultúrgyár 1. rész

    Radio recording about the history of Ózd factory and utilization, modernization of the building, furthermore about the Ózd Museum Collection and Factory History Memorial Park and "Digital Power Plant" cultural organization.

  • lead_118699045_kulturgyar_ahely_c

    A Hely: Ózd - Kultúrgyár 2. rész

    Radio recording on "National Film History Theme Park" cultural organization.

  • lead_a_hely_ozd_b

    A Hely: Ózd, Kultúrgyár 3. rész - Digitális Erőmű

    Radio recording about "Digital Power Plant" cultural organization.

  • lead_bn_negyedik_200708

    Negyedik születésnap

    Hírek - Negyedik

    Az Ózdi Városi Televízió videofelvételei

    Television recording related to cultural events of "Digital Power Plant" cultural organization.

  • lead_sz_kertmozi_20200713_c

    Vígjátékok az NFÉ-kertmozijában

    Hírek - Kertmozi

    Az Ózdi Városi Televízió videofelvételei

    Television recording related to cultural events of "National Film History Theme Park" cultural organization.

  • lead_535310

    Közgyűjtemények együttműködése a MaNDA országos digitalizálási projektjeiben 2013–2016

    In November 2011 a digitization concept for public collections was issued in Hungary under the title Mandalat. It was followed by comments and opinions on the discussion list KATALIS, at the meetings held at the National Széchényi Library in April 2012 and at the Networkshop 2012 conference, and some analyses and evaluations of the concept were also published. In January 2016 the cultural administration announced the termination of the MaNDA programme and delegated its tasks to other institutions. The professionals of public collections may not have been properly informed about the results achieved in the period 2011 through 2016. MaNDA has built a database and several services, is actively involved in the co-operation forums of Europeana, worked together with a number of partners and exported a significant amount of records into the databases of Europeana. It is definitely worth recording these results before its planned reorganization.

  • lead_554575

    Kistelegdi Gyűjtemény – Magángyűjteményből közkincs

    The article provides a review about one of the chapters of the safeguarding work that is based on the cooperation between the Forum Hungaricum Non-profit Ltd. (official successor of the Hungarian National Digital Archive and Film Institute) and the Csorba Győző Library with headquarters in Pécs and maintenance area of Baranya county. Dr. István Kistelegdi, Ybl-prize winner architect and emeritus professor at the University of Pécs, donated his photo collection created during his life-work to the library. The local history department of the library receives the equipment and human resource needed for digitisation and processing from the Forum Hungaricum being the coordinator of the national cultural digitisation public employment program. The article shows how the Professor’s private collection that was stored in „shoe-boxes” has become public domain that can be accessed online freely by anybody. The article introduces the progression how the processing of his life-work was done, and how the photos got to the Hague, to the public site of Europeana.

  • lead_742855


    Cikkünkben bemutatjuk a Forum Hungaricum Nonprofit Kft. által üzemeltetett és folyamatosan fejlesztett Magyar Nemzeti Digitális Archívummal (MaNDA DB) kapcsolatosan végzett közönségkapcsolati tevekénységünket és a témában szerzett tapasztalatainkat. Korábban egy kapcsolódó témáról szintén a Könyv, Könyvtár, Könyvtáros hasábjain számoltunk be, akkor az aggregációs adatbázisunk archív képanyagaiból összeállított virtuális kiállításaink publikálásának módszertanát mutattuk be.

  • lead_742846

    Aggregátorok akkreditációja az Europeana szolgáltatáshoz

    Europeana, the European Union's digital library, was introduced ten years ago in Brussels. When it was launched, the interest in the cultural portal was so great that the website soon ceased operation due to overload. Over the past decade, many aggregators have been created across Europe to provide data to Europeana, but some of them are no longer working today. That is why Europeana staff has developed an accreditation scheme that will help identify currently active aggregators and recognize them as reliable partners for cultural heritage institutions that want to publish their data on Europeana.

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