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  • Nagybányai

    Nagybányai táj


    Landscape in Nagybánya

    oil on canvas

  • Felesége

    Felesége portréja / Borsos Gizella


    Portrait of the Painter's Wife

    oil on canvas

  • Írások

    Írások P,R-rel


    Writings with P,R

    mixed technique on paper

  • Majom a fasizmus ellen

    Majom a fasizmus ellen


    Monkeys against the Fascism


  • 13452_lead

    Az igazi Da Vinci


    Leonardo gondolkodásmódja

    The Real Da Vinci is the third stage of the exhibition La mente de Leonardo first shown to the public in Florence, Italy, last year and then this spring in the Japanese National Museum in Tokyo. Although Leonardo is commonly known as a "universal genius", the exhibitions dedicated to him have almost always focused on some specific area of his activity: painting, anatomy, technology, studies on water, on flight, and so on.

  • Ősz

    Schiffer Villa üvegablak kartonja II. (Ősz)


    Cardboard of the Glasswindows in the Schiffer Villa II. (Autumn)

    tempera on paper

  • A szépség vonalai

    A szépség vonalai


    Aktok az Antal-Lusztig gyűjteményből

    The latest exhibition from the Antal-Lusztig Collection that opens on 1st of December in MODEM deals with the topic of nude. The exhibition, which title refers to the notion of William Hogarth that the line of beauty can be defined, presents a rich material from the fine-art representations of nakedness that continuously play with anonymity as well as with intimacy.

  • zéró évek

    Zéró Évek


    Szlovák vizuális művészet 1999 és 2011 között négy kurátor perspektívájából

    Zero Years. Slovak Visual Art between 1999 and 2011 from Four Curatorial Perspectives

  • Szentesi

    Szentesi tanya boglyákkal


    Farm in Szentes with Stack

    Oil on canvas

  • Magyar fürdőélet

    Magyar fürdőélet


    Válogatás a Völgyi-Skonda kortárs gyűjteményből

    The exhibition displaying a selection of Miklós Völgyi’s and Mária Skonda’s collection embraces the theme of the famous and traditional spas in Hungary. “With the choice of theme we consciously intend to fuse one of Hungary’s outstanding treasures, that is, its spa culture, with contemporary artistic values” (Miklós Völgyi, Mária Skonda). The contemporary artists invited by the collector couple dealt with the given subject matter in their own style and way of expression; their common point of departure, of course, was the spa scene.

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