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  • Magyar Királyság 100 pengő (1930)

    100 pengős bankjegy, 1930-ból

    Portrait of King Mátyás by Andrea Mantegna on the face. On the back, a view of Buda from the Danube with the Royal Castle and the bazaar row below it.

  • Magyar Királyság 50 pengő bankjegy (1932)

    50 pengős bankjegy

    Banknote, designed by Álmos Jaschik. Portrait of Sándor Petőfi (1823-1849) on the face. On the back, János Visky’s painting “Herding in Hortobágy”. The background printing is letterpress, the illustration is copper print. In circulation from September 10, 1934 to May 6, 1946.

  • 2 Pengő (1929) Magyarország

    2 pengős pénzérme

    Magyar pengő 1929-ből.

  • Magyar Királyság 10.000 Korona bankjegy

    Tízezer koronás államjegy

    Offset printed treasury note, design by Ferenc Helbing. Figure of Patrona Hungáriáé on the face. (See: No 41.) In circulation from May 9, 1921 to July 31, 1926 (large-sized); from March 18, 1924, to June 30, 1927 (small-sized).

  • Magyar Királyság 10 pengő bankjegy

    10 pengős bankjegy

    Banknote (Ten Hungarian Pengő), designed by Endre Horváth. The model for the portrait on the face is Mária Böhle from Pesthidegkút. On the back, the "Equestrian statue of St. István" by sculptor Alajos Strób.

  • Monarchia-kori 20 Korona bankjegy

    Monarchia-kori 20 koronás bankjegy

    Copper print banknote, designed by Ferdinand Schirnböck. Issued under decree No 115.039/1913 (20. IX.) PM, on watermarked paper. In circulation from September 29, 1913 (issue No II from October28, 1918) toJanuary 31, 1924.

  • Magyar Királyság 1000 Korona bankjegy

    1000 koronás államjegy

    Hungarian treasury note, designed by Ferenc Helbing. Offset print. Profile of King (Saint) Stephen I (1000-1038) on the face.

  • Százezer bilpengő (1946)

    Százezer bilpengő

  • Kereskedelmi tallér Ausztria

    Osztrák kereskedelmi tallér

  • Százmillió milpengő (1946)

    Százmillió milpengő, egy palóc menyecske portréjával és az Országház képével

    Old Hungarian banknote, designed by Ferenc Helbing. The original plates were made by the Gieske und Devrient company of leipzing before 1925.

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