Mézes Mackó Cukrászda


A Mézes Mackó egy közkedvelt cukrászda volt az 1960-as években, de jelenleg is sikeresen üzemel a budapestiek, a turisták nagy örömére. Finom sütemények és fagylaltok is kaphatók.

Mackó (Teddy Bear) buffets have emerged as a new highlight in the socialist catering industry. They developed from the combination of buffets and delicatessens. The shops allowed standing consumption and take-away. In their design and equipment, modernity is their characteristic feature - wrote the publication Hotels and Restaurants published in the early 1960s, which also reported that six such buffets were opened in Budapest. Perhaps the best known was the one in Kígyó Street (a confectionery as well), but there were others in Nagymező Street, József Boulevard, Széna Square, Váci Street and at Ferihegy Airport. Four more shops operated as Bistro Mackó, where you could sit down and they served barbecue dishes prepared in show kitchens. The popularity of the Mézes Mackó (Honey Teddy Bear), besides the delicious coffee made by an Italian coffee machine, was due to the cold buffet dishes (including casino eggs and all sorts of aspic specialties).

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spatial reference Budapest V., Kigyó u. 4-6.
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temporal reference 1960. augusztus 19.
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