Zalaegerszegi Őszi Vásár


A képen a divat cikkek pavilonja látható.

Pavilion of fashion goods at the Autumn Fair in Zalaegerszeg, 24-25 October 1959, organized by Zala County Fair Organizing Committee.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject Őszi Vásár
subject Zala megye Vásárrendező Bizottsága
subject Divat cikkek Vására
Time and places
spatial reference Zalaegerszeg
location of physical object Budapest
temporal reference 1959. október 24-25.
medium paper
extent 13 x 18 cm
colour image black and white
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder MKVM
access rights research permit needed
Source and data identifiers
source MKVM
registration number KF_F_71_61_442_15
registration number 113_Vásár_Bemutató_Piac