• lead_hid

    A bridge as a link

    In our language, the meanings related to a bridge or bridges and the metaphoric content of meaning emphasize their role of linking and interconnecting. In the urbanistic aspect, we can say that the history of the Budapest bridges is also the history of Budapest, but the situation is the same in the country too. The bridges that were exploded in the war and were rebuilt from scratch, the maimed elements of bridges during decades, served not only as functional elements, but also for spanning over borderlines or separating them. This week’s story is about bridges built between Buda and Pest, disappeared quarters, reconstructions and temporary solutions. Have a nice browsing!

  • lead_viselettortenet_3

    Serial costume history 3 – The Gatsby style and trousered divas

    In the third part of our fashion historical review, girls of the twenties and thirties were already working and having fun carefreely. Both activities required comfortable clothes. Flapper girls with bob haircut danced Charleston on dance-parties. Masculine characteristics appeared on women’s clothes; Marlene Dietrich proved that even trousers could be feminine. Gentlemen already without beards wore suits, bow-ties and varied hats.

  • lead_gerbeaud

    Do you know what ’Zserbó’ is? The Vörösmarty’s maiden name

    Zserbó, either it is classical or as my granny makes it at Easter, at Christmas, at birthdays. Briefly, anytime. Which came first: the goody filled with jam and walnut or the confectionery? You can find it out this week.

  • lead_aktok

    Sacred or profane? Nudes in fine arts

    Depicting naked human bodies is an ancient need of art; this need can be self-knowledge, scientific curiosity, attraction to beauty or arousal of thirst. A nude can be a study, a practice, a realistic image aspiring objectivity, or a figure that bears the artist’s marks or an allegory by chance. All these depend on the approach of the age, the artistic style, the artist’s personality and intentions. Our exhibition and gallery will show how these things developed in painting and photography mostly.

  • lead_kivancsi

    Ady’s forgotten Muse

    Love fades away slowly, especially if it is platonic. How many untold words and missed opportunities are hidden behind tiny little memories and letters? Waiting, suffering, the joy, the pain and many more sentiments could be hidden in a young girl’s heart, when she decided to give up her desires. Whether provincial prudery or a moral question stood behind this? Anyway, could you keep a secret like your love is Endre Ady for decades? Today’s selection highlights this mysterious relationship; with Endre Ady, Illi Kíváncsi (Curious), the family Varga and their relatives.

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Virtual exhibitions

Besides searching and browsing digitized cultural contents, visitors can view thematic virtual exhibitions from the records of MaNDA’s database, which are widened weekly. Our aim with the exhibitions is to introduce the cultural contents of the database in a new context, in a way that they would never be in the same virtual room otherwise, due to their spatial, legal or formal features. You can see our former exhibitions under this menu.

Establishment of Europeana


During the period of the Swedish EU presidency in April 2001 in Lund, representatives of the then 15 Member States formulated their demand that a breakthrough in the field of cultural digitisation was necessary. One of their most important issues was that a cooperative forum should be created in order to put cultural digitisation in the European dimension and the accessibility and visibility of the European digital cultural heritage must be promoted.