• lead_fotos_malorok

    Photography bloopers and manipulations

    We have compiled a bizarre photo-historical assortment for this week, with old portrait-, tableau- and genre photos that went wrong somehow, either technically or due to a careless motion or blink. As they had the chance for only one click that time, the failure of the process resulted that these photos show unlaboured moments to the curious eyes of the future.

  • Nok_a_munkaban

    Women at work

    The habit of sharing work between sexes is as old as humankind. Women’s job or men’s job; nowadays one refrains from putting it so bluntly. One thing is sure, women have always worked, either on fields or in a family grocery, and later in different professions for salary. We would like to blandish to you with women’s history this week. There are going to be women behind a counter, in factories, in the role of a nurse or a foreworker.

  • lead_tavasz

    Spring buzzing

    The bitter weather of winter is over and as you feel less and less cold in the morning, you take out your spring overcoats and shoes from the deep of wardrobes. First, snowdrops and crocuses spring up from the soil; buds appear on trees and bushes – and you hope that an unexpected frost does not spoil the yearly apple and plum yield. Nature is waking up, migratory birds return to their abandoned nests.

  • 100

    The hundredth

    100 stories. They say that the first one is crucial in everything. Who could deny it? But for us, who write and edit the virtual exhibitions every week, each composition is special. Our one hundredth selection is also a special one, and we celebrate it in an unusual way.

  • lead_vizugy

    Aquatic stories

    Nowadays, it is taken for granted that you can open the tap and get either cold drinking water or fine warm water. But only few people have this luck in the world and maybe our grandchildren will not be able to enjoy this comfort. How did water supply developed in Hungary since the ancient Romans? Would you ever think of how many aquatic relics you pass by during your days? Our aquatic exhibition is going to answer these questions.

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Virtual exhibitions

Besides searching and browsing digitized cultural contents, visitors can view thematic virtual exhibitions from the records of MaNDA’s database, which are widened weekly. Our aim with the exhibitions is to introduce the cultural contents of the database in a new context, in a way that they would never be in the same virtual room otherwise, due to their spatial, legal or formal features. You can see our former exhibitions under this menu.

Establishment of Europeana


During the period of the Swedish EU presidency in April 2001 in Lund, representatives of the then 15 Member States formulated their demand that a breakthrough in the field of cultural digitisation was necessary. One of their most important issues was that a cooperative forum should be created in order to put cultural digitisation in the European dimension and the accessibility and visibility of the European digital cultural heritage must be promoted.