Epitome libri Christianae


coll1.: Epitome libre Christianae concordiae una cum indiculo historiae ecclesiasticae. 436p., 8x13cm coll2: MARTINUS, Matthias Memoriale Biblicum Metrico Compendio... Francofurti et Lipsiae, 1704., 214p.

Subject, content, audience
subject könyv
Creators, contributors
creator KROMAYER, M. Joh.
Time and places
place of publishing Lipsiae
spatial reference Lipsiae
date 1694-01-01
temporal reference 1694.
extent 650 p.
format PDF
Legal information
rightsholder Evangélikus Egyház Miskolc
access rights rights reserved - free access
Source and data identifiers
source Evangélikus Egyház Miskolc
registration number I/I-41