• lead_gundel

    Legendary restaurants - the Gundel

    Hospitality history is too big a bite, especially when it comes to the history of restaurants like Gundel. For a long time, the restaurant was synonymous with hospitality and catering, from which not only legendary dishes but also a dynasty was born. Its heyday is connected to Károly Gundel, whose vision gave birth to a Hungarian restaurant style that catered to everyone's needs.

  • lead_ovodatortenet

    From Brunszvik to Montessori - Two centuries of Hungarian nursery schools

    We already take for granted that kindergartens are one of the most important socialisation scenes for children between the ages of three and seven. However, this has not always been the case, as nurseries - places where children are kept and looked after by professionals during the day - have existed for nearly two hundred years. In our exhibition, we look at how this process has evolved and, in particular, at the women who, through their philanthropic attitude and perseverance, have brought these institutions into being and kept them running. 

  • lead_zsolnay

    The wonderful Zsolnay

    The eosin-glazed ceramics of Vilmos Zsolnay earned him immortal merit in the handicraft industry, but our country has also benefitted from this fame. The history of the Zsolnay factory began in the 1850s, when Ignác Zsolnay founded his small ceramics manufacture. After a few years, the leadership was taken over by Vilmos, who quickly transformed it into a high-quality factory. The history of the factory, as is usual in our country, is also a family history, so our selection not only tells the story of the Zsolnay factory and the world-famous tiles, but also the story of the family members.

  • lead_patikatortenet

    Aqua vitae in the “officina” – pharmacy history overview

    With the help of images from our database, we visit the pharmacies of old times:  we admire the ornate furnishings, special chemist’s vessels, and the science of medicine-makers. Our exhibition will explore aqua vitae, water burners, sugar (believed to be) healing, soda water, powerful religious and mythological influences, pharmacies dedicated to various symbolic animals.

  • lead_fured

    Roaming in Füred

    The reputation of Balatonfüred is mainly due to its climate and its carbonated springs, but we cannot forget about celebrities on holiday here, who have also contributed to its fame. Find out more about the built environment of the Balaton Riviera in our latest selection.

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