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    Star photos of actresses

    For a long time, women were not allowed on stage; actually going to the theatre was not considered as a proper activity for women. Until the 17th century, men used to play women’s roles as well. The audience could really refresh when they did not have to wait for the actor in the female role, because he had to shave first. Naturally, we know famous actresses from earlier times, but the truth is that they were not judged better than prostitutes were. Instead of praising their talents, the posterity thought it is more interesting to find out if they became concubines of a king or a lord.

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    Vivid life on the market, enticing scents, piles of vegetables and fruits that either attract or deter you. Juicy gossips get on well with the market price of potatoes in this cavalcade, as well as the unmistakable voices of costers bargaining among rows with nosing chaps sneaking tiny goods. Our selection is going to show you not only the markets of Budapest, but also the rural ones: from the legendary Nagycsarnok (Great Hall) to the Vásárcsarnok (Market Hall) of Pécs.

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    Hungarian winter expelling festival, Busó-walking of Mohács

    The oldest and most famous winter expelling carnival of Hungary – called ‘busó –walking’ of Mohács – is starting today. About 800 busós and 200 maskers are going to take their farewells of winter. The ‘busó-walking’ is a world-famous folk tradition of the Sokác (Croatian: Šokci) population in Mohács. The winter expelling and spring welcoming tradition can be found in the mythological world of other countries as well. It belongs to the family of protecting and fertility spell feasts.
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    Diary of labour serviceman Dr. Endre Szántó

    The 230th Article of the Act II of 1939 provided for the labour service of public interest, which ordered the obligation to male residents of Hungarian citizenship who were unfit for military service and had reached the age of twenty-four. The training provided within the military framework had to be completed in labour camps for persons specified by law, and the duration of service was set at three months a year. The first labour battalions began their work in July 1939, so by the end of the summer of 1940 it became clear that the incompetence was not interpreted by the legislature in terms of physical health, but by origin and political reliability. The decree is thus difficult to interpret other than the supplement to Jewish laws.

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    Ignác Alpár, master of late historicism

    Ignác Alpár was one of the outstanding architects of historicism at the turn of the century. He worked in almost every architectural genre, but without doubt, one of the highlights of his career was the Historical Main Group of the Millennium Exhibition, the building complex known as the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park. It is no coincidence that he is also regarded as a "bank building specialist", as his career took off by designing buildings such as the Tőzsdepalota (Stock Exchange Palace) on Szabadság Square. In our latest selection, we look back at the stories of some of his famous buildings.

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