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    Aquincum, Roman ruins, history of the museum

    Regular archaeological excavations have been carried out in the territory of Budapest for more than 150 years, but new archaeological monuments still appear during constructions. The history of Aquincum can only be reconstructed with the help of excavations, as few historical sources mention Pannonia and the cities along the Danube.

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    History of the Blue Ribbon Regatta on Lake Balaton

    In Hungary, sailing was considered an aristocratic luxury initially. At the end of the 1700s, György Festetics was the first to invite his royal guests to sail to Lake Balaton on his sailing boat called Phönix. Later, in 1866, thanks to the tabloid news that Elisabeth of Austria would spend the summer in Balatonfüred, the desire to sail revived. The magnates brought sailboats to Lake Balaton and renewed the infrastructure around the lake to provide the queen with entertainment.

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    Greetings from Lillafüred

    Lillafüred is located in the eastern part of the Bükk Mountains, along Lake Hámori, at the confluence of the Szinva and Garadna streams. The part of the settlement belonged to Hámor until 1950, since then it is one of the highest parts of Miskolc. The touristic significance of the district is outstanding, although the vast majority of our spas are based on medicinal water; Lillafüred is our oldest climatic resort. With the construction of the Palace Hotel, not only a hotel suitable for holding representative events was created, but also grandiose landscaping works took place, during which, the Szinva stream was diverted to a new watercourse.

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    Equestrian statues in Budapest

    In the arts, the relationship between horses and men dates back to a rich past, as horses have always occupied a special place in the lives of our ancestors. They meant much more than other farm animals, think of the legendary horses of our myths. As the construction of these monuments requires a great deal of expertise and a lot of money, the clients always asked the most talented artists for the task, it was no different in Hungary either.

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    Klotild Palaces

    Ferenciek Square owes its present form to the regulation of downtown Pest, but even more so to the construction of the Erzsébet Bridge. It is unfortunate that the narrow, winding little streets, the old city hall of Pest and many shops on Kígyó Square also fell victim to such a large-scale plan. However, the bridge needed a road to divert traffic to it. This is how the image of the square, which is the structural centre of the capital, changed at the turn of the century, and so new buildings were born, such as the Klotild palaces that still dominate the square.

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