• lead_miklos

    For Saint Nicholas day

    The Hungarian name Miklós (and the English Nicholas) comes from the Greek name Nikolaos, its original meaning: triumph + people. Its registered versions separated from the ancient Hungarian nickname: Miksa, Mike, Mikes, Mikó and Nikolasz that was taken from English. Miklós was the 87th most frequented male name in Hungary in 2022. 118 children got it as a first name.

  • lead_kotott

    How not to feel cold in winter?

    Cold weather has arrived, the quivering one. Now you can choose between huddling up against your sweetheart, your little pet or putting your warmest clothes. The road while people got from animals’ fur to faux fur and from hand-made hats to machine-knitted hats was long enough. To our actual selection, cardigans, fur-coats and muffs provide suitable temperature.

  • lead_bajusz

    Cult of moustache

    The moustache is a part of men’s facial hair that grows between the nose and the mouth. It is a secondary sex characteristic that also has an aesthetic function. In certain social groups, it is an identity creating power and a fashion phenomenon, a symbol that changes during history. They have a different role in the animal world: antennas and olfactory organs that help night animals, mainly felines and other small mammals. In the case of fishes (including catfish and carp) the moustache-like dermal pendants also serve sensing and orientation. You can even find birds with whiskers.

  • lead_oszi

    Autumn chanson

    As we are proceeding in autumn, the scenery puts on more and more red and pink shades, darkness starts earlier and mornings turn cooler and cooler. Pumpkins and gourds have already appeared on greengrocers’ stands, and flower seller old women offer asters and rosehips. Deciduous plants have started their annual purifying cure, getting rid of their leaves. Chestnuts are falling, which is excellent material for making amorphous toy horses.

  • lead_turazas

    Go west! – The little history of Hungarian hiking

    Probably, everybody longs for getting away from crowded cities to go out to the greenery, where you can take your heels on the never-ending countryside. For numberless tourist paths, into the nature, for lying in the grass, for fresh air, where you can nibble your picnic provisions – and of course you take back the litter to the city refuse bins. A hundred years ago, the situation was the same: people have always longed for being in the lap of nature – especially since urbanisation accelerated.

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