• lead_berki

    Viola Berki’s art

    Art historians rate Viola Berki as a naive artist. Her fate is full of contradictions just like her art is. She admitted that she did a lot of illustration works, which was to the detriment of her painting. Her master was Géza Fónyi at the Art College, but Béla Kondor did great impression on her. This week you can get to know her oeuvre.

  • lead_roma

    From Rome with love

    Some people arrive there amorously and some fall in love there, with Rome mostly. What is the secret of the eternal city? It is pulsating but still so constant at the same time. Its air is so soft and thick that you feel an unexplainable hunger for getting to know it or seizing some of it. It shows a lot, but gives you little. Actually, it rather takes away, a piece of your heart certainly.

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    Past of Pécs

    Although we know a lot about the past of Pécs, the truth is sometimes distorted by biased or inaccurate historical sources. For example, Vandals – who invaded also the ancient territory of Pécs – had a much more developed culture, similarly to the conqueror Hungarian mounted nomads, than certain professional sources claim. As Ottomans did not settle down in great strength in Hungary after the occupation, the period of the Ottoman occupation was not an era of decay and destruction either. One of the best examples for that is Pécs, which was enriched with several emblematic buildings and valuable relics in this period.
  • lead_manoken

    Stars of fashion photos

    Fashion and I have had a rather ambivalent relationship with one another since the beginning. When I was a little girl, I had to try on dresses created by my grandma five times a day; I could have felt like a real model, but of course, I did not. Besides the inconvenience of trying, I saw models only in magazines and I did not really understand even then why they posed so oddly for the sake of a pullover. However, I adored the Hungarian star mannequins inconditionally; naturally, I did not know how they were called. This week, you can browse among pictures of fashion shows and fashion photos, with Ági Pataki, Bea Schmidt and Sztenya Bodó.

  • lead_VF_21326_01_e

    The German officer, the jazz songstress and the New York Hotel

    As history goes on, there are always winners, survivors and also losers among the participants unfortunately. Sometimes, fortune stands by us in unexpected situations. The survivors of this story were Leonhard Scheller, the German military officer, Kató Fényes, the popular jazz songstress and all the people whom they rescued in the war together. The New York Hotel was a survivor and winner as well, and the biggest loser of the story was the Hungarian jazz.

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Virtual exhibitions

Besides searching and browsing digitized cultural contents, visitors can view thematic virtual exhibitions from the records of MaNDA’s database, which are widened weekly. Our aim with the exhibitions is to introduce the cultural contents of the database in a new context, in a way that they would never be in the same virtual room otherwise, due to their spatial, legal or formal features. You can see our former exhibitions under this menu.

Establishment of Europeana


During the period of the Swedish EU presidency in April 2001 in Lund, representatives of the then 15 Member States formulated their demand that a breakthrough in the field of cultural digitisation was necessary. One of their most important issues was that a cooperative forum should be created in order to put cultural digitisation in the European dimension and the accessibility and visibility of the European digital cultural heritage must be promoted.