• lead_hygge

    Hygge, lagom, sisu – What do you need for happiness?

    Preparations spent in festive ambiance are ahead of the weeks before Christmas, which does not necessarily means buying presents. In this period, you fire lights, tea lights, and candles in your home according to your taste; you are seduced by cookies easier; you chat with your friends with a mug of cinnamon flavoured tea or mulled wine in your hand, or read a book at home, or visit a Christmas fair.

  • Illatszerbolt

    Wash yourself cleverly – Time travel in hygiene II.

    The selection of toiletries satisfying all existing and non-existing requirements of the consumer society is almost endless: shampoos, toothpastes, shower gels, shower lotions, bath gels, bath balls, body washes and of course the most basic one: soap.

  • lead_winter_VK_VF_38_414

    Secrets of winter

    It is true that winter arrives with the longest night of the year, the winter solstice, in the astronomic sense. It comes at the end of December in the north of the equator, but according to the common conception, if weather is cold enough winter is already here!
  • lead_bauer

    Behind the camera: Sándor Bauer

    Who is a photographer? An artist, who creates a new reality, or the one who documents it? Maybe the one, who modifies it according to their or others’ tastes? Probably all of them a little bit. This week, we have selected Sándor Bauer’s photos, whose life-work is exciting not only because he was a professional photographer, but also because he worked during the soft dictatorship of the Kádár era. Did he take propaganda photos? Naturally! Besides that, he shot many curiosities too. Café waitresses serving finely roasted cream coffee, a Fabulon-girl posing on the Fishermen’s Bastion and Mátyás Rákosi.

  • lead_nevetes

    Who laughs last… - Laughter philosophical disquisitions

    You laugh when you perceive something funny, if you recall an amusing event, if you are in the middle of a happy moment, if you enjoy something, feel embarrassed, feel uneasy or want to be sarcastic. Lots of positive and negative things can result in laughing, smiling, tittering. As it is a complex process, it has been examined in many ways from medicine to philosophy. We have collected some points of interest from these.

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Virtual exhibitions

Besides searching and browsing digitized cultural contents, visitors can view thematic virtual exhibitions from the records of MaNDA’s database, which are widened weekly. Our aim with the exhibitions is to introduce the cultural contents of the database in a new context, in a way that they would never be in the same virtual room otherwise, due to their spatial, legal or formal features. You can see our former exhibitions under this menu.

Establishment of Europeana


During the period of the Swedish EU presidency in April 2001 in Lund, representatives of the then 15 Member States formulated their demand that a breakthrough in the field of cultural digitisation was necessary. One of their most important issues was that a cooperative forum should be created in order to put cultural digitisation in the European dimension and the accessibility and visibility of the European digital cultural heritage must be promoted.