• lead_villamos

    Tramway of Pécs

    The history of the public transport in Pécs reached an important milestone 105 years ago, because the first tram of the city was launched that day, and Pécs became the 29th city in the Monarchy, where tramway transport existed. In this week’s virtual conjuration of the past, we are going to introduce you the story and former routes of the tram of Pécs.
  • lead_ciganyzeneszek

    Hungarian razzle music history

    This week, we are going on the razzle; that means we are evoking – with the aid of our database photos – how Hungarians enjoyed themselves in the past centuries, sometimes in delight, sometimes in sorrow. The Hungarian song and ‘gypsy music’ are almost synonyms, in addition, the most famous songwriters and musicians, virtuosos are gypsies. In our short music history, we are examining how this interaction developed, how the song become an entertaining genre – rooted in Hungarian folk music and heated by the romantic nationalism of the Reform Age.

  • lead_rozsaszin_akt_kavefozovel

    Some like it hot – Coffee in black and white

    ’It is coffee that makes people’s day living around me nicer.’ Many of us feel the same way. In the latest decades, it became an essential motor of our modern world. It wakes you up in the morning, it shakes you up during the day, and you have it when chatting with old friends whom you have not seen for ages. It has very important social and economic roles, and its effects on health are researched in several aspects. But do you know it indeed?

  • lead_31210_IK2081005_3_szmcs2

    Ikarus - NABI success story, an excellent example of 'blue ocean strategy'

    Once, Ikarus was one of the biggest bus manufacturer companies in the world, which reached its production peak in 1984, with more than 13 thousand vehicles produced. Ikarus 260 is among the world’s top-selling buses with 75,547 manufactured buses. With its success stories, it set a good example to the corporate sector in how you can compete with real value-profile development that daringly differs from the narrow-minded competition that focuses on rivals and operates with petty modifications.
  • lead_parizs

    Autumn has not passed through Paris yet

    It is the city of love, the city of light, the Mecca of fashion and there are many other attributives to name Paris. Although all roads lead to Rome, everybody wants to go to Paris once. This is what we are going to do now; we are visiting the Notre-Dame, looking down from the Eiffel Tower and admiring the Mona Lisa.

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Virtual exhibitions

Besides searching and browsing digitized cultural contents, visitors can view thematic virtual exhibitions from the records of MaNDA’s database, which are widened weekly. Our aim with the exhibitions is to introduce the cultural contents of the database in a new context, in a way that they would never be in the same virtual room otherwise, due to their spatial, legal or formal features. You can see our former exhibitions under this menu.

Establishment of Europeana


During the period of the Swedish EU presidency in April 2001 in Lund, representatives of the then 15 Member States formulated their demand that a breakthrough in the field of cultural digitisation was necessary. One of their most important issues was that a cooperative forum should be created in order to put cultural digitisation in the European dimension and the accessibility and visibility of the European digital cultural heritage must be promoted.