Herkulesfürdő Szapary fürdő


A képeslapon a Szapary fürdő épülete látható a parkkal.

Postcard of Szapary bath in Herkulesfürdő in 1900. Today in Romania. Latin: Aqua Herculis; German: Herkulesbad; Hungarian: Herkulesfürdő; Czech: Herkulovy Lázně, Turkish: Lazarethane) is a town in Romanian Bánát, in Krassó-Szörény County, situated in the valley of Cserna River, between the Orsovai Mountains to the east and the Cserna Mountains to the west, elevation 168 meters.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject fürdő
subject fürdőélet
subject pihenés
subject MKVM
Time and places
spatial reference Herkulesfürdő
spatial reference Magyarország
spatial reference most Románia
location of physical object Budapest
temporal reference 1900-as évek eleje
medium paper
extent 9 x 14 cm
colour image black and white
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder MKVM
access rights research permit needed
Source and data identifiers
source MKVM
registration number VF_8759
registration number VIP_15_b_E_U_15_K_E_U_kicsi_képek_Fürdők