Opris Cristian

1952. Államosítás


Cristian Opris (Fogaras, 1973. március 1. - ) mezzotinto munkája: 1952. Államosítás.

Graphic artist Cristian Opris's (Fogaras, 1 March, 1973 - ) work prepared by mezzotint: (a print made from an engraved copper or steel plate on which the surface has been partially roughened, for shading, and partially scraped smooth, giving light areas) '1952. Forced Socialization'.

Subject, content, audience
subject mezzotinto
subject Opris Cristian
Creators, contributors
creator Opris Cristian
Time and places
location of physical object Herman Ottó Múzeum, Miskolci Galéria
medium paper
colour image polychrome
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder Herman Ottó Múzeum
access rights research permit needed
Source and data identifiers
source Herman Ottó Múzeum, Miskolc
registration number HOM-MG 1997.024