Bilicsi (született Grawátsch) Tivadar (Budapest, 1901 - Siófok, 1981) színpadi álló portréja, előadói estje alatt. Kezében kis notesz, amelyet lapozgat.

Bilicsi (born Grawátsch) Tivadar (Budapest, 1901 - Siófok, 1981) standing portrait on the stage at an evening performance, with a small notebook in his hands, in which he is turning the pages over.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
Subject, content, audience
subject fotó
subject zselatinos ezüst
subject brómezüst zselatin
Time and places
location of physical object Budapest
medium paper
extent 9x13 cm
colour image black and white
Legal information
rightsholder Ismeretlen (kutatás alatt)
access rights rights reserved - paid access
Source and data identifiers
source MaNDA Fotótár
identifier 00780006
registration number F2012. 73. 6