Galyatető, képeslap


Galyatető, képeslap.

Postcard of Galyatető. Galyatető is a nationally famous high-altitude resort in Mátra, a part of the settlement of Mátraszentimre. It was formed on the southern side of the 964-meter-high Galya roof, the 3rd highest mountain peak in Hungary, from which it got its name. The Mátra is a volcanic member of the North Central Mountains, covering an area of 900 square kilometres between the Cserhát and the Bükk.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject MKVM
subject Galyatetői képeslap
subject Üdülés
subject Idegenforgalom
subject Turisztika
subject Képeslap
subject Patak
subject Erdő
subject Kirándulás
subject postatiszta
Creators, contributors
publisher Lizzy Card
contributor Árkai-Bozsán
Time and places
spatial reference Galyatető
location of physical object Budapest
medium paper
extent 11 x 15 cm
colour image polychrome
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder MKVM
access rights research permit needed
Source and data identifiers
source MKVM
registration number VF_2014_108_1
registration number VIP_13_14_141_Közlekedés_Idegenforgalom_Camping