The Social Welfare Forum 1952


Official Proceeding, 79th Anual Meeting National Conference of Social work Chicago, Illinois, may 25-30, 1952 Published for the National Conference of Social work

Title(s), language
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject Szociológia
audience researchers
Creators, contributors
creator Evan Clague, Louis B. Seltzer, Adlai E. stewenson, Lester B. Granger, Ollie A. Randall
publisher Columbia University Press
contributor Szerkesztő Bizottság Elnöke: David G. French
Time and places
place of publishing New York U.S.A.
location of physical object Miskolc
created 1952-01-01
medium paper
extent 337 p.
format PDF
Legal information
rightsholder 1952 National Conference of Social work
access rights rights reserved - paid access
Source and data identifiers
source Miskolci Egyetem/ Szociológia