Schematismus Provinciae Hungariae Sanctae Mariae

Ordinis Fratrum Minorum S. P. N. Francisci anno 1926


Ferences mariánus rendtartomány rendi névtára 1926-ból

Franciscan (Marianist) name list.

Title(s), language
language latin
Subject, content, audience
subject ferences névtár
audience researchers
Creators, contributors
publisher Typis Societ. Typogr. Act. Pestiensis
Time and places
place of publishing Budapest
location of physical object Budapest
date 1926-01-01
medium paper
extent 73 oldal
format PDF
Legal information
rightsholder Magyar Ferences Könyvtár
access rights free download
Source and data identifiers
source Magyar Ferences Könyvtár