Bábaképző intézet.

Postcard of the Newborn Nurse Training Institution in Kassa. Košice is the largest city in eastern Slovakia and in 2013 was the European Capital of Culture (together with Marseille, France). It is situated on the river Hornád at the eastern reaches of the Slovak Ore Mountains, near the border with Hungary. With a population of approximately 240 000 Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia today.

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language hungarian
language english
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subject Képeslap-Kassa
audience researchers
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publisher Varga Bertalan papírkereskedése
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place of publishing Kassa
spatial reference Kassa
location of physical object Miskolc
temporal reference 20. század
medium paper
extent 14x9 cm
colour image black and white
format jpeg
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rightsholder Herman Ottó Múzeum
access rights research permit needed
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source Herman Ottó Múzeum
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