III. Béla és neje csontváza

Szent István Király Múzeum Üvegnegatív Gyűjteménye


III. Béla és neje csontváza.

Glass negative photo of the skeleton of King Béla III and wife, in the museum of Székesfehérvár at the beginning of the 20th century.

Béla III (Hungarian: III. Béla, Croatian: Bela III, Slovak: Belo III; c. 1148 – 23 April 1196) was King of Hungary and Croatia between 1172 and 1196. He was the second son of King Géza II and Géza's wife, Euphrosyne of Kiev.

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place of publishing Székesfehérvár
spatial reference Székesfehérvár
location of physical object Székesfehérvár
temporal reference 20. század eleje
medium glass
extent 9x12 cm
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