A Kazinczy-mauzóleum jobb oldalról


A Kazinczy-mauzóleum jobb oldalról.

Kazinczy Mausoleum and the right side in Széphalom.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject Kazinczy Ferenc
subject mauzóleum
subject magyar irodalom
audience general
Creators, contributors
creator Porcsalmy János
Time and places
spatial reference Széphalom
location of physical object Debrecen
temporal reference 1961
medium paper
colour image black and white
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder Déri Múzeum
access rights rights reserved - free access
Source and data identifiers
source Déri Múzeum, Irodalmi Gyűjtemény
identifier 132980
registration number D.X.