Deák Ferenc


Deák Ferenc portré fotója.

Portrait photo of Ferenc Deák (17 October 1803 – 28 January 1876) was a Hungarian statesman and Minister of Justice. He was known as "The Wise Man of the Nation".

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subject portréfotó
subject Deák Ferenc
subject magyar jogász
subject országgyűlési képviselő
subject Magyarország igazságügyi minisztere
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subject magyar politikus
subject magyar Római katolikusok
audience researchers
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location of physical object Putnok
medium paper
extent 6 x 10 cm
colour image monochrome
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rightsholder Gömöri Múzeum; Putnok
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source Gömöri Múzeum; Putnok
source Digitális Erőmű; Ózd
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