Symbolum Militis Christiani

Armatura Militis Christiani

Inveftiura Regni

Regimen Ecclesiasticum

Refectorium viventium et morientium


A vége hiányos, fedőlap nélkül.

Subject, content, audience
subject könyv
Time and places
place of publishing H.n.
spatial reference H.n.
location of physical object H.n.
date 1617-01-01
temporal reference 1617
extent 367 p.+14
extent 248 p.+6
extent 76 p.+2
extent 136 p.+6
format PDF
Legal information
rightsholder Evangélikus Egyház Miskolc
access rights rights reserved - free access
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source Evangélikus Egyház Miskolc
registration number H/IV-476