Munka közben az Úttörővasútnál


Bauer Sándor, a kép készítője; 1946-ban került az MTI-n belül működő Magyar Film Irodához fotóriporternek, majd 1957-től a Vendéglátás magazin munkatársa volt. Több mint négy évtizedes pályájának hagyatéka mintegy húszezer, nagyrészt negatívban fennmaradt fotó.

A picture from photo collection of photographer Sándor Bauer who was the photo reporter of the Hungarian Film Office (belonged to MTI) as of 1946, and the employee of magazine Vendéglátás as of 1957. His legacy is about 20 thousand photos, mainly in negative.

During work, at the Children's Railway. The history of the Children's Railway dates back to 1947, when it was decided to build a narrow-gauge railway in the Buda Hills, which would be operated with the involvement of school-children. The name of the institution was changed to Pioneer Railway before it was opened. The Hungarian State Railways and the Association of Hungarian Pioneers were entrusted with its operation. The purpose of the small railway was to provide access to the children's camp in Csillebérc, which was also being built at that time, and to introduce and endear the railway transport to the ten- to fourteen-year-old children involved in the operation of the small railway. They succeeded, and the railway has been operating ever since.

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