Christmas spirit

You are already humming the catchy and melodious Christmas tunes unintendedly, while the fish is lying in the fridge without scales, and you are kneading the dough of the Christmas cake because you don’t want to leave it to the last moment; the cabbage also must be here somewhere, and a part of the gifts that is lying around you hasn’t been packed yet, while the other part is still in the shops, though you promised yourself that this year would be different… Hey, stop for a moment! What about relaxing? And what about the cozy moments that films, adverts and postcards propagate?

Berki Viola - Karácsony - Thorma János Múzeum, CC BY-NC-NDHas the gingerbread become hard like concrete? Do you have to exchange a bulb on the light garland but your nails have frayed? Have you carved the tree into the stand slantwise? Let them go! They don’t matter now. Just sit down for a moment amidst the big rush, relax a bit and care for each other. And above all, don’t worry about all kinds of trifles. Enjoy the feast and have at least a little bit of good time.

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The Digital Collections Department of MaNDA wishes you happy holidays!

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