Szent István fogadja a pápa követeit

Szent István Király Múzeum Üvegnegatív Gyűjteménye


Szent István fogadja a pápa követeit Székesfehérvárott 1003-ban, vászon.

Glass negative photo of the painting King (Saint) Stephen receiving the ambassadors of Pope Sylvester II in Székesfehérvár in 1003.

Stephen I, also known as King Saint Stephen (Hungarian: Szent István király; Latin: Sanctus Stephanus; Slovak: Štefan I. or Štefan Veľký; c. 975 – 15 August 1038 AD), was the last Grand Prince of the Hungarians between 997 and 1000 or 1001, and the first King of Hungary from 1000 or 1001 until his death in 1038.

He was crowned on 25 December 1000 or 1 January 1001 with a crown sent by Pope Sylvester II.

Title(s), language
language hungarian
language english
Subject, content, audience
subject képzőművészet
subject festmény
subject üvegnegatív
subject fotó
subject fotográfia
subject fénykép
audience researchers
audience informational
Time and places
place of publishing Székesfehérvár
spatial reference Székesfehérvár
location of physical object Székesfehérvár
temporal reference 1932
medium glass
extent 9x12 cm
extent 8,5x8,5 cm
colour image black and white
format jpeg
Legal information
rightsholder Szent István Király Múzeum
access rights research permit needed
Source and data identifiers
source Szent István Király Múzeum Adattár
registration number 000290,000290-1,000290a