György Kurtág Jr.: Orpheus


Részlet a "Contemporary Orpheus" című zenés dokumentum filmből. Ifj. Kurtág György közreműködésével.

Extract from the music documentary named Contemporary Orpheus.

Title(s), language
language english
language hungarian
Subject, content, audience
subject György Kurtág Jr.
subject contemporary music
subject contemporary ballet
subject kortárs zene
subject kortárs balett
audience general
Creators, contributors
creator György Kurtág Jr.
publisher Hunnia Records
Time and places
place of publishing Budapest
spatial reference Budapest
created 2010-06-02
issued 2010-06-02
temporal reference 2010
colour image polychrome
format mp4
Legal information
rightsholder Hunnia Records
access rights rights reserved - free access
Source and data identifiers
source Hunnia Records