Gundel János svájci útja, Genf, 1904


Gundel és a Francois család. Jobbról a második a második, Gundel János. A képen szerepelnek még Gundel Katalin, Francois Lajosné (pezsgőgyáros), Gottlob és Gottlobné.

Family Gundel and Family Francois in Geneva in 1904. Mr. János Gundel is the second on the right. Ms. Katalin Gundel, Mrs. Lajos Francois (champagne factory owner), and Mr. and Mrs. Gottlob are also in the photo.

Mr. János Gundel (Ansbach, Bavaria, 3 March 1844 - Budapest, 28 December 1915) Hungarian innkeeper, founder of the famous gastronomic dynasty, Knight of the Ferencz József Order, from 1876 to 1911, President of the industrial association of Budapest Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs and public caretaker of the Lutheran sister churches of Budapest-Deák Square.

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