Gerbeaud Cukrászda, Budapest 1891

An illustrated guide of Budapest by Joseph Kahn, Bp. 1891 2o. p.


A képen a Joseph Kahn által jegyzett idegennyelvű kiadvány (An illustrated guide of Budapest, 1891.) egyik illusztrációja látható, amely a Gerbeaud Cukrászda belső terébe enged betekintést.

A foreign language publication by Joseph Kahn (An illustrated guide of Budapest, 1891), with an insight into the interior of Gerbeaud Confectionery in Gizella Square of Budapest.

Swiss confectioner and chocolate manufacturer Mr. Emil Gerbeaud, (Carouge, 22 February 1854 - Budapest, 9 November 1919). He moved to Hungary in 1884 and joined Henrik Kugler's confectionery on Gizella Square in Budapest (now Vörösmarty Square), where a café was opened.

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